2022 Penguin Calendars are here!

A photo of the October page of the 2022 Penguin Calendar. The page shows Penguin dancing in the orange leaves of autumn wearing an orange scarf. The calendar is sitting on a wooden stand. In the background is a colourful pencil pot and a plant.
A photo of the April page of the small household family planner. The calendar is on a pinboard with various other penguin postcards and note paper surrounding it.
A photo of the June page of the A4 Calendar. The calendar is on a pinboard with various other penguin postcards and note paper surrounding it.

I am so excited to announce that the 2022 Penguin Calendars are now available! This is the seventh edition of the Penguin desk calendar that I’ve created and I know you’re not supposed to have favourites but it’s my favourite product to create each year. 

I started work on the illustrations a lot earlier this year and really made the most of those first few stages of thinking up designs and sketching each of them out. I think the hard work paid off. I may have been sketching Penguin snow angels on the warmest days of the short UK summer but starting early really helped. 


Each page of the Penguin Calendar starts off life as a rough sketch in my sketchbook. A lot of the time, these aren’t polished or neat sketches; sometimes they don’t even look like the final illustration! I like to have a guide or a quick doodle of what the final image will look like though. I then photograph or scan that sketch to create the final illustration on my computer. 

There is a lot of tweaking involved in creating these images, choosing just the right colour combinations, adding little details, taking little details away, moving, rotating…the list goes on. I then lay them out on their respective pages, pair them with their correct calendar dates and voila! It’s as easy as that. It isn’t as easy as that to be honest, I’ve tweaked and checked the images, checked the dates what feels like 100 times, printed them out, checked it all again. They are then printed professionally ready to send to you. 

A rough sketch of the January page of the penguin calendar. The sketch shows penguin creating a snow angel.
The final illustration for the January page of the Penguin calendar. It shows Penguin making a snow angel.
A photo of the final January page of the 2022 Penguin Calendar. It is sitting on a wooden stand. In the background is a colourful pencil pot and a plant.


As with the 2021 Calendar, I’ve created three different options again for 2022.
Firstly, we have the A4 Penguin Calendar: This version is, as it says, A4 and has a grid format calendar for each month of the year for all your plans. The Calendar benefits from 2022 and 2023 year-to-view calendars at the front and back, so that you can see the current year and next at a glance. I’ve selected a lovely paper for the inside pages of the 2022 Calendar, it is slightly thicker than the 2021 version, so should add to its durability for the year and will mean that your writing is less likely to show through to other months. 
Next we have the “Small Household Planner:” This version is a tall, thin Calendar, which shows the month over a double page spread. It has three untitled columns that you can choose what to use them for. Some suggestions are for up to three names in your household, “you, me & us,” “us, child one & child two,” “home, work & social,” the options are endless. There is then a generous space for notes at the bottom of each month.
And finally, we have my personal favourite, the Penguin Desk Calendar: This is a small A7 sized calendar with a separate card for each month, that all sits on a custom-made wooden stand. This is ideal to sit on your desk, on your dressing table, bookcase, anywhere that you’ll need to have a quick glance at the current month to see where you are and where you’re going. 

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