April & May: Wedding Stationery, Afternoon Tea & Our Anniversary

Well, I haven’t exactly stuck to my weekly blog plan. Life gets busy and the blog seems to be the first thing to suffer, sorry blog! Onwards and upwards I suppose! And because I’ve been totally neglectful, I’ll update you on the last 2 months in one post.

Wedding Stationery

Work wise, April and May have been so full of me working on the new Wedding Stationery Collections. When I think back to 2 months ago, I had been struggling with these designs, all the self-doubt was going through my mind. I worried they’d never be good enough, worried no-one would like them and the other half of me just wanted them done and out in the world already. Then after struggling for a while, I decided to keep it simple and get it done.

They slowly but surely started to come together. I wrote a rough timing plan for myself and after worrying that everything was taking too long, I managed to launch the new designs ahead of schedule.

More importantly, though I am over the moon with how these have turned out. I’m in love with every one of these Stationery Collections. There are seven new Collections, all named after some of my best friends and family. Each collection features day/evening invites, details sheets, RSVP cards, envelope liners and belly bands. Each can be completely customised to your colour scheme and wording. You can even mix and match between Collections to make it completely personal to you and your partner if that’s something you’d like to do. They are all available in my Etsy Shop or get in contact and I’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

I can also create something completely customised if you have an idea for something a little different.

Photography & Lightroom

When you run an online shop, the photography can be the difference between making a success or failure of a product. When you’re someone like me, who has had a DSLR for less than a year, doesn’t exactly know how it all works and got completely lost in the photography class she took more than 10 years ago, it can be a bit of a struggle to take great photos.

However, over the last few months, I have learned a lot about photography. I still have to face a lot of trial and error before getting it right but I learn something new and hope I get better at it each time. I’ve also found the great place to take photos in our home, I thought that by the window in my studio was great but found that by the window in our bedroom was even better!

Over the last few weeks, I have started to use Adobe Lightroom, an app that I thought was either made up or inaccessible to me, but it has changed my life! I used Lightroom to edit all of my photos before doing a bit of refining in Photoshop and after having a mostly turbulent relationship with Photoshop in the past, Lightroom seems to speak my language. However, photoshop and I are starting to understand each other a bit more recently too.

Beauty & the Beast Afternoon Tea

Little Sidenote: Whilst writing this post, I had been having a bit of a crisis about what I wanted to share on this blog. As I was so far behind with these little updates, was it worth sharing what I did in April when it’s almost June? Do I really want to document my life online for all to see? But then I’ve been so excited to share this that I decided to share anyway. I almost shared it as a separate post but it’s here instead.

Back in February, around my birthday, I saw an advert online for a Beauty & the Beast themed afternoon tea and spent one Sunday afternoon trying to book a table for my Mum, Sister and myself to go. Beauty & the Beast is my absolute favourite Disney film, and this would have made my life!

It was booked up so quickly however for the original dates and the site kept crashing. I didn’t want to give up, however, so I tweeted the hotel asking if it was in fact fully booked which it was but they later messaged me privately to say they’d added more dates! So it was a race against time to book a table before they were sold out again and I got it! I was so happy! I likened it to getting tickets for a super popular gig or festival (something that I’ve never even tried!)

When the day came around at the end of April, I was so excited! I have, what I call, a Beauty and the Beast dress. It is navy with a pink floral pattern, so I wore that and we went excitedly on our way.

The Kensington Hotel, where is was held, was beautiful! Even though I had dressed up, it felt much too posh for me! The staff were lovely too, it had the feel of a very special day and the fact that I shared it with my Mum and Sister made it even more special.

We started with a glass of Champagne and our starters, which were based on the “Be our guest” song. Beef Ragu, Cheese Souffle and a venison pie, all bite-sized treats that I could have eaten a lot more of. Then came the tea, I had earl grey, of course. There were mini brioche baguettes instead of scones, because of the line in the film “Marie, the baguettes, hurry up!” These came with an Apricot Jam and a chocolate pot. There were the usual mini sandwiches then the small puddings were the best part. “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious” was served in a Chip cup and was a white chocolate mouse with a grey coloured white chocolate topping. Cogsworth’s face was a chocolate and shortbread biscuit with a few marzipan details. There was a clear jelly and edible rose petal, served in an upside-down glass, so it looked like the cloche over the rose. The waiter poured cream from Mrs Potts into the top of this glass. There was also a coconut and chocolate macaron to look like the snowballs that they throw in the film. We were then given a gingerbread biscuit covered in marzipan to look like Belle’s dress, I took this home to enjoy the next day.

It was so well thought out and put together and really was a special day with my family. It was like all my childhood dreams in one.

The Beauty & the Beast Afternoon Tea is currently sold out until the end of November but you can sign up for updates on the Kensington Hotel website.

Our Wedding Anniversary & Centre Parcs

The 7th May saw our first Wedding Anniversary. I really can’t believe how quickly that year has gone! They say that the first year is the most difficult but the marriage part of our lives has been so easy. I’m not sure whether Rob will say the same, having to deal with me every day!

We celebrated with a nice dinner and night’s stay at the same hotel where we had our Wedding Reception. It was so lovely, the weather was similar to our day last year, the bluebells were out again and it was nice to reminisce about the lovely memories together.

We then made our way to Centre Parcs in Elveden Forest straight from the hotel. It was especially for my Sister-in-law’s 30th Birthday. I had never been to a Centre Parcs before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I think it exceeded my expectations though. I loved being in the middle of nowhere, the number of trees, deer, ducks, birds and squirrels.

I also loved riding a bike everywhere, I get nervous on a bike usually but as there were very few cars around, I could ride without feeling anxious. We swam (well, went down a few slides and round the wild rapids!) went on a Katakanu, spent time in our hot tub, played adventure golf, played lawn bowls, went ten pin bowling, had a toast to our anniversary with Champagne from our Wedding and spent a day at the spa. It was a great holiday, I just wish it was a little bit longer (isn’t that always the case?). It was quite an active holiday for me, I took my sketchbook and paints with me but didn’t have two minutes to even open them. That might have been a good thing in hindsight, I returned from that holiday ready to hit the ground running with my work.

Other little things over the last couple of months have included a hair cut, planting a fuschia called “Shrimp Cocktail” for our anniversary, visiting the Ashridge Estate and taking more photos of Bluebells, lots of work on a little website refresh (coming soon!) and seeing Lion King at the Theatre.

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