January: new site, new ventures, new thinking

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes around here, I’ve been thinking a lot about a lot of things but specifically about how my blog fits into what I do and how I work, which is why there has been such a long break since the last post, time has also gone extremely quickly! There has been a lot to share but where do I start? I thought I could start off by sharing monthly-ish updates on what I’ve been up to as I go along. It will be a mixture of a few projects that I’ve been working on as well as some recent adventures and thoughts.

Newly improved design

I’m pleased to announce that this blog and website has a newly improved design. I’ve spruced up my logo, added a homepage and a page specially dedicated to weddings!

I’m using the Make theme by the Theme Foundry, which is so simple to use and customise. I had spent so many hours previously, wrestling with the code on themes that weren’t fit for purpose, so it was time for a change and I’m so pleased with the way that this site looks now. I’d love to know your honest opinions.


The biggest job that I had in January was to make all of my existing card designs available in my Etsy Shop. I had accumulated a lot of different notecard designs and it was a big job to take all new photography of them and make them available in the shop. I’ve had a lot of comments on them and am really pleased with the collection, so head on over to my shop to take a look. There are even a few sale items in the shop and a multi-buy option where you can get a discount for buying 5 together.


I was asked back in December if I would design some items for a family wedding, which was in January. I was thrilled! I was asked to design their order of service, table plan, place cards and a couple of signs, it was a project that I really enjoyed. There was the time pressure of getting it designed and printed within three weeks and for family which can somewhat raise the pressure a little because they were putting all of their faith in me to do a good job, and being family, had to talk to me afterwards. They are still talking to me which I see as a good sign! Joking aside, I really enjoyed designing for this couple, their wedding was like a cosy winter wonderland.


I have also been working on some logos and have just signed those off, however, I can’t share anything just yet. I have worked on logos in the past, including my own, but this was the first as a freelance designer and going through the whole process with the client was something I really enjoyed and the client was thrilled with the final result too.


The start of the year involved a lot of planning, I had all these ideas of what I wanted to do this year and in true Sian style, I planned on doing far too much and I wanted to get it all done at once. So, after a chat with a friend, she advised that I write down two goals for the following three months and split those up into small actions to be divided up over a week by week plan. These plans have changed slightly but breaking them down and assigning weeks to them, really helped.

I had two other life-changing planning moments in January, the first was discovering Trello and the second was starting a bullet journal. I’m still getting to grips with using Trello, it feels like an application that I will love but it is taking a while to weave into my process. Bullet journalling, however, is really working for me. I’m keeping it extremely simple for now. It is pretty much just my list for the week, I’m not even using a pretty notebook, just a plain one that I had in my drawer and I’m keeping the pages extremely minimal.

Style dilemma

Since I became self-employed in October, and maybe a while before that, I’ve had a bit of a dilemma. At times, I would worry about it and at others, it wouldn’t really bother me too much; and that is, my style. I love my little penguin drawings, I enjoy vector illustration, I love hand lettering, I really enjoy watercolour painting and I regularly doodle little floral designs and patterns, but what is my style? What direction should I take my work in? Cue quarter life crisis! If you look at my Instagram, it is a mixture of styles, mediums and work that I really enjoy. I think it is great to mix things up a bit every now and then, but I had a couple of weeks in January where I was almost paralysed creatively by not knowing which direction I should take my work in. The well-known phrase, “jack of all trades, master of none” went through my mind a few times, I want to find something that I’m good at and be known for it. I got into a small trap of comparing myself to others for a while and even I know that doesn’t end well.

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After a while, however, I realised that I should keep it simple. Get to work, keep drawing, keep painting and keep creating. So that is what I’ve been trying to do and I seem to be getting there. I find that when I feel overwhelmed and getting ahead of myself: if I go back to basics, just keep drawing and forget about everyone else, I seem to find my groove again.

So that was January, better late than never! We’re over half way through February now and I already have lots to share, hopefully, that will be before the end of the month!


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