Meet the Maker Week – Day 3


This week I’m joining in with #MeetTheMakerWeek organised by @joannehawker and today is about where I work. This is my little office, I’ve had this desk since 2002 (when I was just 14) and it has been with me ever since. I work in my spare room which doubles up as a guest bedroom when we have family staying. Whilst I’m working, I’m regularly surrounded by lots of paper, notebooks, pens, paints etc and I’ll manage to find the smallest space to work. The organised chaos regularly extends onto the floor around me but I absolutely have to tidy up at the end of each day, right before writing a list for the next day. In an ideal world, I’d have at least 2 desks or a bigger desk to give me space for computer work and for drawing/painting etc.

Elsewhere in my office, I have a shelf with all sorts of bits and bobs on it, my new kinda fancy printer and on the wall is an extension of a noticeboard to surround myself with notes of encouragement, inspiration, things I’m proud of, vouchers and to-do lists. I love the minimal look but my office is just not a place for minimalism.

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