New Colouring-in Postcards

A selection of five illustrated postcards which are un-coloured, to be coloured in by you or the recipient. The designs are as follows: 1 shows a penguin holding a rainbow, 2 shows a penguin with a speech bubble saying "hi," 3 shows a penguin with a speech bubble with heart inside, 4 shows a penguin holding two bunches of flowers, and 5 shows a penguin floating away with a bunch of balloons. The postcards are styled with a few colouring pens.

When you create something you’re really excited about, and then forget to tell the world about it! Doh!
So here they are. My colouring pages were so popular a few weeks ago and postcards have been extremely popular with you sending lovely messages to friends and family that I thought, why not combine the two things?
These are great to send a message to a little one and they can colour in the other side, or for a little one to colour in and send a message to a friend or family member that they can’t see at the moment. I hope you like the idea and have great fun with them!

They are available on both my website and on Etsy right now and come in either a set of 5 postcards (1 of each design) or available to buy separately.

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