New Penguin Birthday Cards Available Now

photo of a bunch of penguin birthday cards all stacked on top of each other.

These cards have been in my shop for a little while now and I wrote this blog post a couple of weeks ago about them but soon after, the UK went into lock down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it didn’t feel appropriate to shout about a collection of cards that I’d worked really hard on and a lot of things were uncertain for a while. They still are uncertain but for now at least, my shops remain open and I’ve added a banner on the home page, so that I can keep you updated if anything changes. For now though, I’ve written about my new collection of cards and outlined a little of the process that went into creating them.

I am pleased to finally announce that I have some new card designs in the shop!

These have been on the cards (no pun intended!) for a while now and I have had many requests from you guys, for some more Birthday cards suitable children and they are finally here!

There are cards for ages 1-6 in my usual square size, each with a big colourful number and the respective number of Penguins hiding, balancing or dancing around each card. I have only created ages 1-6 for now, but if these go well, I’ll create ages 7-9, please let me know what you think.

There is also a new size of card for my collection, with five mischievous Penguins all balanced on each other, holding cakes and gifts and each wearing a party hat.

These have been so fun to design and I hope they are a colourful and cute addition to my shop for you.

The process

I thought I’d share a little of the process of designing one of these cards. I had been facing a bit of creative block at the start of the year, so I started by writing a list of everything that I wanted to potentially create this year. I reviewed that list and decided to start working on the thing that most stood out to me as something I already had an idea for or thought it might be the easiest thing to get started with.

I chose these cards!

I started these by sketching the design out on Procreate on my iPad. I don’t always start with sketching on the ipad, sometimes the sketch could be on paper or in my sketchbook. It depends how I feel and what feels best at the time. I do like sketching ideas on the ipad though because I can undo easily or turn a layer off, if something doesn’t seem to be working, try it a different way but then that layer is always there if I need it again. I like to use the pencil “brush” in Procreate, it reminds me that this is just a sketch and it doesn’t have to be the perfected final version. 

Once I’m mostly happy with the sketch, whether on paper or iPad, I’ll photograph or send that sketch to my computer, where I work on it in Adobe Illustrator. Each part is drawn again using vector illustration (for nice crisp lines that can be resized to any size without losing their quality) I’ll usually move things around and adapt the design slightly, because sometimes it doesn’t always work exactly like the sketch. I then add colour, outlines and the details before refining it all and then sending to print.

I have made it sound a lot easier than it actually is and the video below is a timelapse of the sketch part of just one of the designs, to give you an idea, this sketch actually took about 40 minutes to create and then drawing the final version took me a few hours. 

You can find out more and purchase these cards from my shop or by clicking through below. 

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