Penguin Calendars are back for 2018!

Hooray! They’re back!

The Penguin Calendar was my best seller last year. I was only just starting out and was a little overwhelmed by the reaction to it last year! It was quite bizarre really, I had very little belief in myself, and then it did so well that it took me a little while to recover from the reaction to it.

I planned on doing so much more this year, there were thoughts of different versions of the calendar and a few different products, the pin badge being one of those. I haven’t managed to do half of what I’d planned but I hope you approve anyway.

I started planning out the Calendar in July and the worked on it in the background whilst the summer flew by and suddenly we were at the end of September and I was patiently awaiting the delivery of 200 Penguin Calendars from the printers.

There are 2 versions of the Penguin Calendar this year. There is the tiny A7 version with a small calendar in the same style as last year and a bigger A6 version which has a grid style calendar with a small space each day for appointments, birthdays, events or meetings.

Both versions have all new Penguin Illustrations on each page and I’m so over the moon with them. I realised how much my style has changed (improved I hope) over the last year and I really hope that you like them as much as I do.

The smaller version is £9.50 with an easel and £8 if you already have an easel. The larger version is £10.50 with an easel and £9 if you do not require a little easel for it to sit on. These prices do not include postage.

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