Penguin Enamel Pin Badges

These have actually been in the shop for a little while now but I’ve been dreadful at updating the blog, so please forgive me. I’ve made a plan to make time for blogging in October, so now that I’ve said it, I’ve got to do it! I’m making a schedule and mapping out an afternoon each week for the blog. I’d just prioritise other things in front of the blog and never get round to it. Well, now I even have a posh fountain pen and a dedicated notebook for drafting blog posts, so no excuses!

So onwards to the exciting news…(that you probably know already!)

I now have Penguin Enamel Pins available in the shop!

I wanted to create a little token that you could either gift to a friend or keep all to yourself that every time you look at it, it would make you smile or remind you that you’re loved and that someone is thinking of you. Then whilst creating the little Penguin drawings for the 2018 Calendar, I created this cute Penguin holding a heart garland for one of the pages and it seemed perfect!

Each pin is 25mm across, made of soft enamel and is a super cute penguin holding a pink heart garland. He is so adorable, I might cry!

He is available in my shop right now and is being snapped up quickly so make sure you don’t miss out.

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