Remember why you started

A black and white line drawing of a stylised penguin jumping up in the air with a speech bubble which reads "Hey! Remember why you started!"

I first started drawing penguin when I was working full time in London, with a 3 hour commute each day. Although my job was creative, all of the work was for clients and so I’d doodle for fun, more often than not, on my commute to and from work. Those doodles weren’t works of art, they were in pencil on paper, they didn’t take me long and (don’t tell Penguin this but…) I chose to draw penguins because I’d thought of a cute way to draw them easily. I believed I couldn’t draw very well (hello self doubt!) so I drew these little guys to tell the funny little stories I wanted to tell.

As time went on and I became my own boss, those doodles evolved into full illustrations that I’d work on for hours in some cases, all drawn in illustrator and full of colour. The nature of illustrator means that I can tweak and edit those illustrations until I’m happy with them and it really appeals to the perfectionist in me.

Those illustrations and my style may have evolved along the way and I’m really pleased with some of the more recent drawings I’ve created for clients or for future products, however that fun, story-telling side seems to have been lost along the way.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I’d like to get some of that fun, storytelling back. I think I got a bit stuck in perfectionism, especially when it comes to sharing to social media and running my business recently and I want to introduce a bit more fun into the mix.

So I re-created one of those first doodles I made of Penguin, using procreate (not pencil this time but I definitely still use pencil and paper for a lot of things!) with a speech bubble saying “Remember why you started” (using a font that I made myself, which is exciting, more on that another time!) and I hope to do (and post!) more little doodles like this. They might not be perfect, or works of art, and won’t take me long. I will still continue with the full illustration style that I’ve developed and you never know these “doodles” might creep into some of my products one day. We’ll see!

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