My Commitment to the Environment

Illustration of penguin holding a small plant in a pink plant pot, against a mint green background.

One of my values is love for the world we live in and throughout the last four years of running this business, I have been making small changes and decisions to reduce waste and to help the environment we live in both in my business and in my personal life.

Here are a few things I’m doing to help our environment:


For my greeting cards, I’ve taken the “naked card” pledge and all new card designs will be free from any plastic packaging. Some of my older stock is still in biodegradable cello sleeves, however all new card designs are secured with a small “card catch” sticker, which keeps them with their envelope. The cards are then packaged in a paper sleeve, to prevent any damage in the post and then in a board backed envelope to ensure they are delivered free of damage.

Sets of postcards, greeting cards, and notepads will have a belly band (a strip of paper made into a band around the product) printed onto recycled card and fixed with solvent free, non-toxic double sided tape.

Most of my other products will be sent in either a paper sleeve or colourful recycled and pH neutral tissue paper.

There is mixed information about whether labels and packaging stickers can or cannot be recycled. So please check your local recycling guidance on whether to remove the labels before recycling your packaging. Some of my older stickers are printed on gloss sticker paper and I will be using those alongside some eco-friendly premium paper stickers. The supplier of the newer premium paper stickers has planted 174.97m2 of new native woodland in the UK and has helped remove 6,999kg of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere in 2020. You can even save the packaging stickers in a scrapbook or “pay-it-forward” on a note you send to a friend, simply cut them out and pop a small amount of glue on the back.

All of your orders are then either sent in a board backed envelope, a postal tube or a letterbox friendly cardboard box, all of which are widely recycled. Please refer to your local recycling rules if you have any doubts.

The tape that I use to close your parcel is paper tape, made from 60% recycled materials and is solvent free.

If I have to use bubble wrap to protect your order, I reuse a minimal amount from a previous delivery. In over 4 years, I’ve never had to buy bubble wrap and I recommend you re-use any bubble wrap that I send you.

I highly recommend reusing packaging where possible.

Branded Stationery

Each order will include a little Thank you note, these notes are A7 in size (very small!) so there is no wasted space and they are printed onto recycled paper. I like to save the little notes that I receive from sellers, so that I remember where to shop next time 😉

Your delivery note will be printed onto A5 paper, to save on paper and space in your parcel. These are also printed onto recycled paper.

Printing & Suppliers

The professional printing companies that I use to print greeting cards, postcards, calendars, notepads etc, all use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.

Carbon Miles

My enamel pin badges were made in China and Notepads printed before 2021 were printed in Germany, everything else is printed or made in the UK.

In an effort to reduce my carbon footprint, I have now found a UK based notepad printer and won’t be restocking enamel pins and instead will be looking for more sustainable alternatives. 

Around the office

As part of the designing process, I use a combination of paper and digital designing tools, for example my sketchbook alongside adobe illustrator. I will also print drafts of my designs to check colours, design, mistakes etc before sending them to be professionally printed. I try to limit, where possible, the amount of paper and ink that I use in the office and anything I don’t need will be recycled afterwards.

My environmental aims:

  • Eliminate plastic and biodegradable cello sleeves from greeting cards.
  • Eventually change to all paper stickers for packaging.
  • Aim for UK based suppliers where possible.
  • Continue to question my choices from an environmental perspective.


When I started writing this environmental policy on Earth Day 2021, I questioned if there was anything more that I can do to help the environmental impact of my business. As a predominantly paper-based stationery shop, and in the process of designing, I use a lot of paper. I wanted to contribute to reforestation projects and so for every £10 spent in the Shiny Shrimp shop and my Etsy shop from April 1st 2020 onwards, (not including postage) I will plant a tree via Ecologi. When the amount of trees for the month reaches 25, 0.5 tonnes of carbon will also be offset. Yay for new trees!

April 2021: 25 Trees and 0.5 tonnes of Carbon offset.

May 2021: 9 Trees

June 2021: 4 Trees

July 2021: 7 Trees 

August 2021: 19 Trees and 1 tonne of Carbon offset

September 2021: 33 Trees and 0.5 tonnes of Carbon offset

October 2021: 26 Trees and 0.5 tonnes of Carbon offset

November 2021: 58 Trees and 1 tonne of Carbon offset

December 2021: 45 Trees and 0.5 tonnes of Carbon offset